About me



My stage name is Sky. My real name is Yukimine Ishino. I was born on 5 April 1962 in Jilin, China. I am a Japanese Chinese. I started to learn to play violin from my father when I was 7 years old. When I was 14 in 1976, I was admitted to the Jilin College of the Arts. However, I was admitted to the Department of Dancing. With a dream of becoming a musician, I became a dancer and a member of China Dancers Association. Therefore, my first specialty is dancing. After graduation, I taught dancing in the College for 4 years. In 1987, as an elite talent, I was transferred to the Song and Dance Troupe of All-China Federation of Trade Unions as a leading actor, choreographer-director, as well as the captain of the professional development team. I took part in the directing and performing work of the programs of China Central TV.


After many years of performing work, I developed a great interest in hair styling and make-up. In 1993, I left my glorious but short dancing career. After I migrated to Japan, I started my second career as a hair stylist.  I studied and graduated in the SHISEIDO BEAUTY ACADEMY in Tokyo, Japan, and the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY SCHOOL in Manhattan, New York in the USA. I gained the licenses as beautician and hair stylist in four countries: Japan, USA, China and Australia.


I have extensive interests. I was the champion of long-distance running, high jump, and 400m run of the College. I was also a basketball star in the College and was named as the campus magic shooter. Of all my interest, piano, golf and ballroom dancing are the top three. When I lived in New York, I took part in the Asian Amateur Golf Match. When I lived in Tokyo, I won the special award in an international singing and dancing contest hosted by Tokyo TV.


After I came to Australia, many people loved my music. At the encouragement of my audiences, I started my third career: music. Violin is just my hobby, but it is my favourite. From my childhood to present, whenever I hear the sound of a violin, my soul flies to the heaven. Violin is part of my life. I thank all my audience for their support and help. The 8 CDs and 1 DVD of mine are created with the help from my passionate audiences. My objective is to create music that is close to what audience love. Therefore, I often perform on the streets, giving the most enjoyment to my audience in the simplest and most practical way. People call me “Mobile Sydney Opera House”. This is of course an overstatement. While I feel happy for these praises, they become my motivation for progress. I hope more people can listen to my music and like it. I wish I could go over the whole country, even the world, to bring music to other people.


I wish everyone could support me continually and bring me beautiful music and songs from around the world. I will adapt them into violin music with my own understanding to repay my dear audience.

"Sky's violin is the soul 
from heaven"

                                                                 - Sky's audience 


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