About event


If you want to add the soft and the romantic air in your party. My music is the best!

I undertake wedding ceremony, private party, the company opening party, friends gathering, etc. My music must make you happy!


The price:


1: Wedding party:

Weekday from $400. (in two hours) Weekend from $600. (in two hours)

2: Public party:       

Weekday from $600. (in two hours) Weekend from $800. (in two hours)

3: individual party: 

Weekday from $200. (in two hours) Weekend from $400. (in two hours)

4: The Price for market and School invitation and nursing homes perform should be discussed.        




1:All booking must prepay half of the deposit.

2:Some time I have to cancel the appointment if we met the bad weather condition and the force majeure factor for outside party. If the cancellation from you that will be no refund of deposit.

3:Receive booking by e-mail or SMS only.

4:  All booking of 3 month before can just as temporary booking. It must do confirm again later.

5:Surcharge for another city where need driving more than 2 hours from my city. You pay the traveling expense and hotel expense if need.


I'll try to take care of from personal invitation to meet all walks of people different requirements in the circumstances of overlapping of private party and public party.  For example I did: Making some one’s girlfriend's birthday surprise on the seaside! Beach proposal, etc.

My happiness is that bring the happiness to every people particularly for ordinary people and enjoy to see them happy smile and from the heart of my thanks!


The violin is the devil's instrument of seduction, enough to set the heavens thunder and the earth on fire!


                           --Sky's fan


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