CD price

1CD=$20, /2CDs=$40, /3CDs=$55, /4CDs=$70, /5CDs=$80, /6CDs=$90, /7CDs=$100 (with box), /8CDs=$110. /USB= $120

The postage

$15 for 1 to 3CDs,/ $20 for 4 to 6CDs & USB, /$25 for 7 to 8CDs.

International mail from $40~

SKY CD 1_page-0001 (1).jpg
SKY CD 2.jpg
SKY CD 3-page-0.jpg
SKY CD 4-page-0.jpg
SKY CD 5.jpg
SKY CD 6.jpg
SKY CD7.jpg
SKY CD8.jpg

Here just show you the picture of CD. If you want to buy it please contact me for next step.