My name is Yukimine Ishino, formerly known as Shi Xuefeng. Born on April 5, 1962 in Jilin, China, Japanese and Australian Chinese. At the age of 14 in 1976, I was admitted to the Jilin Academy of Fine Arts Dance Department. In 1981, I was promoted to the Department of Dance Performance. I achieved excellent grades in my student years and received the best three students in the school almost every year. After graduating in 1983, I was appointed by the provincial government to teach in our college. In the first year of teaching, I was rated as an outstanding teacher in the whole school. The solo dance "Ocean Wave" at the graduation performance of the technical secondary school hit the scene, sensational industry in the province. Since then, many dances have been well received, including the lead dance "Fire Dance" in the solo dance "Drunken Sword" dance drama "Ben Yue", the double happiness in the small dance drama "Breakout", and the group dance: "Saber Dance". The basic skills are solid, with strong plasticity from ballet to classical dance to folk dance. The performance is wide and unique.
In 1987, I received a transfer order from the Central Organization Department and was transferred to the Beijing All China Federation of Trade Unions Song and Dance Troupe as the main actor and director and business team leader. The Song and Dance Troupe of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions is highly valued. In addition to the masterpieces of the solo dance "Sea Wave" and "Drunken Sword", I has participated in the lead dance of the group dance "Huagu Lantern" and "Wrangler"; the double dance "Yuanxiao Night" (is the general director of the Olympic Games, Zhang Jigang His works were praised by him. He said: "There are no less than 200 pairs of people who come to me to study this dance in the country, and you are the best"). There are also "Spring River Rain" and "Moon Night". The dance drama "Baolian Lantern" I starred in was praised in the national dance drama rehearsal. In addition, I has also led several times to participate in the work of directors and actors of CCTV TV programs. I has worked as a director and choreographer for many stars, including Guan Mucun, Xie Xiaodong, Cai Guoqing, Guan Guimin, Su Hong, Hang Hong, etc.
Because of his outstanding achievements, I was recruited as a member of the Chinese Dancers Association in 1988.
In 1993, I left my passion for dancing and went to Japan and studied in the United States. Settled in Melbourne, Australia.
My hobbies are extensive. During my student years, I was the champion of long-distance running, high jump, and 400-meter championship. Basketball is also the star of the college. The favorite among all hobbies is piano and golf. While living in New York, participated in the Asian Amateur Golf Tournament. During his life in Tokyo, he won a special award in an international song and dance competition on TV TOKYO.

“Sea Wave” single dance
Sky Dance,29years old
火舞,Fire dance
Tokyo TV
与老同学的双人舞“梦”,2016年10月在日本琦玉县川口市Lilia 音乐厅举办了Sky个人音乐会,结尾舞蹈。2人加起来110岁的作品。/The "Dream" duet with old classmates held a Sky solo concert in October 2016 at the Lilia Concert Hall in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, ending with a dance. Two people add up to 110-year-old dancing。
Argentine Tango/阿根廷探戈
15岁 学习中国舞/ 15 years old study Chinese dance.
海浪倒踢紫金冠.处女作“海浪”/The debut of "The Waves"
处女作“海浪”/The debut of "The Waves"

I accept individual lectures and consultations on Chinese classical dance, folk dance, ballet, choreography and tutoring. Undertake the organization and direction of large-scale evening performances. Provide help and planning for cultural exchange with the mainland. Anyway,  if you have anything about dance please contact me!




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