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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Music is the most “popular” language in the world. Music is the most beautiful tool of communication in the world. It is the only means of communication without a border. No matter in what country or nationa

lity, music can describe different cultures from different nationalities. It is the key to human’s soul God has given us.

I created this platform in order to meet new friends and exchange our ideas through music. I wish to meet music lovers, especially amateur music lovers. Here, we can express our ideas without hesitations. I do not need magnificent words. I love hearing everyone’s feeling towards music. Further more, I wish that the friends from around the world could provide me with beautiful music or songs from different nationalities. I hope to find some music suitable for violin performance and create them into violin music for everyone. I am an amateur music lover and I do not have a high expectation. I only want to become a violinist that is serving everyone and is loved by everyone.

Further more, the music supplied here is only for personal interest of the club members, and cannot be used for commercial purpose. The webpage is not responsible for any consequences. Please contact us if you need to create professional music for performances in public areas. After a deposit, a professional team will create for you. If you want to record your own CD, please contact us. We will help and support you to your success.





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