Hi Sky,

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My husband Shengcong said when he noticed in your first CDs set, it included so many good song/music piece (worldwide, or from China) that we are familiar with, he wanted to buy the whole

set. We enjoyed listsen to your violin play and the combination of the accompanied other instruments. I guess you also enjoy the pleasant jumping music notes and elegant rhythm flow. We also heard some new great performances, probably they are written by the Chinese composers.

I guess you can also go to the library to borrow the CDs, or the music/book store (they have the devices there) to find and listen to the other violinist's perform. Any comments for other's playing, I guess you may note what is the good piece in the play and what skill he/she is doing. I heard that we can download the music from internet, but I guess they change. If you have radio or TV, you might do research and find the radio station, and they also have good classic, or modern, and teenager's songs.

Sometimes, the violin play in the cafeteria may by worth to listen to, in Taiwan they also sold that type of violin CDs. Most of them are cheerful, pleasant, loving and with warmth rhythm. Violin accompanied with Piano play (one or two pianos, or electronic piano) are beautiful, too. I believe that when you listen to a music piece that touch, you must be able to analyze it and may find something new to you. Opera song, TV play song, event song. the Music that we heard in different occasions, serve it purposes, right? I think you do have very good taste to choose the music that you perform.

I am writing this letter to you while listening to your play, they are coming out so rich and beautiful, and it's an enjoyable night. My husband and i both like your violin play. I am a computer programmer, I had to back continue my computer work now.

I think you do have very good taste to choose the music that you perform. Later if I search and find some violin music related info, I will send to you.

Shengcong & Helen

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