Dear Yukimine Ishino,

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I would like to take this opportunity on congratulating you on the wonderful contribution you have made to the world of music.

My son recently visited Adelaide where he saw you perform in the Mall in that city and told us that your performances were

delightful. He purchased some of your C D’s and we are enjoying your music now up here in Brisbane.

The different tracks on each C D are appealing and meaningful and it is obvious that you have chosen a fine selection

of different numbers that all have universal appeal. I particularly enjoy the quiet tone and pace of each number, many

of which are familiar pieces but you have somehow put sensitivity and feeling into each one. The orchestration and

accompanying instruments add but do not overshadow your superb handling of the violin. There is a quality about these

recordings that is quite unique.

None of our family are musicians apart from our son who plays piano but we do have an appreciation of good music.

I can sense that the music on the CD’s will be ideal for quiet, reflective, listening and even background to perhaps a dinner

party at home. Overall myself and my wife are very pleased with your selection, including evergreen and light classical

pieces, and love the oriental selection from China, Korea and Japan. We have never been exposed to Oriental music to

any great extent but find it extremely relaxing and peaceful. Some of it suggests a story background that obviously means

something to you as a musician. Would you be kind enough to advise me the country of your birth?

I wanted you to know that I am confident that your music will give us many enjoyable hours of enjoyment and contemplation.

I am not sufficiently knowledgeable about music or the various instruments such as the violin to remark on your playing, but

suffice to say that your music is special, different and touches us emotionally. May I wish you every success in your musical

career and thank you for sharing your talent and skill with us.

Sincerely. David J O’Connor.

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